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New York City is home to many world renowned museums. Some art, some history, others science and even music. In the wing of one museum though, the art is the food itself. The Museum is the Museum of Modern Art, and the wing is the carefully chosen space for one of Danny Meyer's restaurants, The Modern. Here, the Warhols and Pollocks, for once, are not the stars of the show. The white canvas are the plates, the paint is bright colors from fresh ingredients, eyes widen for what is on the palette rather than for what is hanging on the wall, and the culinary art takes the spotlight. Inside you'll find a sleek, minimalistic, contemporary design. In the dinning room area the high ceilings meet the halls of the MoMA above where visitors look down in curiosity through a slightly frosted glass. Beyond luciferous floor to ceiling windows, outside you will find the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. Opposite the walls which contain the peaceful area is a backdrop of bustling Midtown. 

August 2023

Marinated Hamachi, Honey Nut Squash, Yuzu

Scallops, Wood Ear Mushrooms, Almonds, Spring Onion

April 2017

Exterior - The Modern, located on the ground floor, right side of photo.
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Interior - The Modern, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden on the right.

Along with the art and the décor the dishes are contemporary American. Chef Abram Bissell's refined skills combine finesse with imagination to deliver playful dishes using seasonal ingredients allowing the menu to be reinvented on a regular basis. The Modern has held one michelin star since 2006 and has just recently received its well deserved second coveted star in the 2016 edition of the guide. I hope you enjoy my prix-fixe Dined There lunch at The Modern (below the 2019 Bar Room update).

December 2019 - The Bar Room at The Modern

The Bar Room at The Modern is Chef Abram Bissell's vision of a vibrant and lively area to compliment the dinning room. Guests can choose from a seated area, the long lounge couch or the 20-seat marble bar top. Which ever your choice you'll be treated to Chef's contemporary American seasonal menu. 

Thai Basil Rigatoni, Pumpkin Seed Pesto and Burrata

Earth Wind & Fire - Mezcal, Aquavit, Strega, Fennel, Grapefruit, Chili, Soda, Tajin

Black Truffle Cavatelli, Glazed Mushrooms, Poached Egg

Brioche Pain Perdu, Salted Caramel, Gianduja Ice Cream

April 2017 - The Dining Room at The Modern

Cocktail & Amuse Bouche

Salad of Wild Lettuce, Persimmon, Burrata Croquant

Gently Seared Prawns, Grapefruit Confit, Pickled Black Radish

Lobster Steamed in Spinach, Black Trumpet

Seared Salmon, Meyer Lemon Confit, Belgian Endives

Herb Roasted Porcelet de Lait, Been Cassoulet, Preserved Tomato

 Poire William Chiboust, Almond Pain de Gene, Pear-Quince Sorbet

 Honeydew Melon Crèmeux, Feta Cheese, Watermelon Sorbet

The Modern is the first restaurant I've dined at which applies a "No Tipping" policy. The Union Square Hospitality Group is one of the founders of this movement and I can attest that not only was service not affected, it was exceptional. For more information on the Hospitality Included initiative, click here. Lunch at The Modern was excellent and I highly suggest you pair it with your next visit to the MoMA. In the event that they are fully booked you can also enjoy their more casual Bar Room, lounge area or try your luck at the 24 seat bar top. If you want to savor an experience you'll definitely be sharing on social media, look into The Kitchen Table. This dining option offers four front row seats in The Modern's kitchen for a 100% bespoke feast. For more information on The Modern visit .

Aureole is another Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of New York's Midtown, have a look here.


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