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Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Jérôme Ferrer and the Europea team have been wowing patrons, both locals and travelers from afar, since October 2001. I remember having dinner here for my 28th birthday, long before I started writing, and relishing the interactive 12 course Signature Tasting menu. Where else will you be handed a hammer right at the table to break the soft clay pot that your cornish hen is cooking in? The ingredients are local and the cuisine is influenced from Jérôme's roots in France & Spain to deliver refined French fare. Chef believes that "What ever the restaurant the ingredients are the stars while the artisans are the supporting staff". Lunch was simplified compared to the multiple course extravaganza, but still a signature Jérôme Ferrer gastronomic experience.

Montreal has worked hard to maintain it's original historic buildings which lend locations to beautiful venues all over the city including Europea in it's three floor Victorian townhouse just off of the downtown strip. What used to be an art gallery is now home to the Relais & Chateaux member since 2011 and Grandes Tables du Monde member since 2013, one of only ten in North America. The beauty of these older buildings is how the original brown brick interior blends seemlessly with almost any decor style including Europea's urban contemporary decor. The styling matches the plating which is modern in presentation, but prepared using traditional French techniques. Have a look at my Dined There lunch at Europea below.

Amuse Bouche: Beef Jerky hanging on a clothes line, 
Goat Cheese lollipop between Parmesan thins
Truffle Popcorn

Lobster Cream Cappuccino with Truffle Purée

Smoked Duck Ham and Beef Tartar, Fresh Mustard Leaves and Purple Marmalade, Wild Souffléed Rice and Taro Chips, Heart of Freisée Salad

Roasted Cornish Hen, Baby Pea Mousseline, Meat Juice and Crispy Asparagus Salad with Parmesan and Thyme Crumble, Grilled King Mushroom, Tomato Confit and Pea Tendrils

Cotton Candy Tree & Meringue,
or as Europea call it "Guilty Tree from Candy Land"

Lemon Pie Cristalline - Raspberry & Lemon Sorbet under a Crystalized Sugar Shell top

Montreal prides itself on being a fine dinning capital and the city has Ferrer's achievements to thank for a part of that title. He is thankful back to the province he calls home stating that he "prefers the blue of Quebec to the blue of the Mediterranean", making him a true Quebec ambassador in the culinary world. Ferrer along with his childhood friends turned business associate have five restaurants under the Europea group. The restaurant is currently offering a 15th Anniversary lunch menu and be on the look out for the Europea food truck during the summer months. For more information on restaurant and group Europea visit .

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