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A Chef's Tasting with Cristian Rebolledo - Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

In the voice of British broadcaster David Attenborough - more commonly known internationally as the host of Planet Earth and Life docu-series, - "Welcome to the fascinating world of the Galápagos Islands!" As the group makes its way onboard the Celebrity Flora ship, one zodiac tender at a time, the sun is already setting over volcanic boulders and the Pacific Ocean, ringing in the first evening of the eight day adventure. The night kicks off in the Discovery Lounge with an information session and flowing drinks to excited passengers dressed for diner, in hiking boots of course, this is an expedition trip after all!
Some quick interesting facts about the Galápagos Islands: The Islands were first discovered in 1535 by Fray Tomás de Berlanga on a sailing to Peru and made famous by scientist Charles Darwin 300 years later where he would develop his theory of natural selection. In 1978, the 21 islands, home to some 2,017 different species of fish, reptiles, bird, mammals and plan…

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