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A Weekend of Michelin Plates in New York City - 2021

Traveling through Covid has gotten a little easier since the beginning of the pandemic, but with governments changing rules & requirements almost monthly, it can still be confusing & challenging. Do travellers need a negative test, a vaccine passport, neither? Will attractions, hotels & restaurants at your destination of choice be fully opened, operate at limited capacity or be completely closed? These are just a few of the important questions to ask oneself before venturing off on a trip during the "new normal" of traveling. Take New York for example; as of September 2021 a vaccine passport showing proof of inoculation is required for indoor dining. This aggressive action follows the footsteps of Paris & several European cities, and was quickly followed by Montreal .  Planning a succesful trip and fine dining blogging have at least one thing in common; the requirement for a reservation. As a traveller, you wouldn't want to invest time & money into go

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