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L'atelier de Joël Robuchon - Las Vegas

So, there I was, standing in disbelief. Looking up at two different "Jo ël Robuchon" restaurant signs, side by side, both in the MGM hotel Las Vegas. My shaking head would soon meet the palm of my hand as the suspicion that I had made reservations for the wrong  restaurant slowly began creeping in. A reluctant scroll through my inbox's "reservations" folder would confirm that I was indeed due at " L'atelier   (workshop)   de Joël Robuchon" and not my intended reservation, the legendary Chef's eponymous three Michelin Star venue next door. (To be perfectly clear, "L'atelier de Joël Robuchon" and "Joël Robuchon" are two different restaurants). In my defense, at the time, perhaps due to covid closings, a Google Maps search only pulled up one Las Vegas location with a reservation link to, in my case, the wrong J.R. restaurant. With a sigh of hope and a deep breath of optimism I tried my luck, but was whisked away from the fu

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