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Minetta Tavern - New York City

There are instances when you walk into a restaurant and are immediately brought back to a place, time and feeling. The place: New York City, the time: late 1930s, and the feeling: nostalgia of a city and country bourgeoning, nearing the end of the Great Depression. Originally The Black Rabbit, the location would start writing its history during that period, 1937 era Greenwich Village. At that time the neighborhood had developed into a hub for the arts, making it a speakeasy hang out for writers such as Earnest Hemingway and Joe Gould. Following some 70 years of management and ownership changes, successful restauranteur Keith McNally would open the tavern as it's known today in 2009. Named after a creek which ran from - now Midtown - right through where the restaurant sits, Minetta Tavern would soon be described by some as a "Parisian steakhouse meets New York City tavern," no pun intend. Outside, an unassuming classic brownstone building with drawn dark wood shades and a

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