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Café Boulud - Palm Beach, FL

Welcome to my first, and hopefully only, pandemic-era blog post (we're all ready for this to be over, am I right)! There's something out of place about a waiter in a fine dining restaurant wearing blue gloves, a mask & face covering. It's about as off as seeing a character from Mad Max skipping through a Lavender field, but here we are, all dealing with this together - not literally, please keep a social distance (SD)! My advice to those wanting to enjoy dining out during "Covid times" is to call the restaurant and ask about their SD practices and consider a weeknight outing where there's likely to be less patrons. One restaurant I had plans to dine at claimed they were implementing SD practices, but upon arrival I wasn't comfortable with what I saw, so I left immediately. Café Boulud (CB) on the other hand was very thorough, requiring guests to wear personal protective equipment when not at their tables, restricted the dining room to 50% capacity, o…

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