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Alinea - Chicago

To the culinary world, Alinea restaurant in Chicago is synonymous with not only pushing boundaries of modern & experimental cuisine, but creating new ones and setting the bar very high. Using equipment never before seen in kitchens, the team at Alinea are re-imagining fine dinning, offering an experience that is truly unique and comparable to a select few restaurants in the world. From my own experiences I would only compare Alinea to Tickets in Barcelona, and even still, worlds apart. One of the differences being that Tickets delivers the show to your table, where Alinea creates the show at your table. To quote the Michelin guide "...the cooking is elevated to an art form." Alinea holds the coveted three Michelin Star rating, which it has kept since 2011, and held the 21st spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list at the time I "Dined There, Sipped That."

The man behind it all is Chef-owner Grant Achatz, and as highly as he is regarded as a visionary i…

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