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Pineapple & Pearls - Washington, D.C.

1900 hours, Washington D.C., the nation's capital, where moves are made, deals are signed and the power crowd mingles. Many a day & night are spent behind desks and conference room tables to get things done, but this blogger prefers to sit behind the bar of an unfussy yet world class restaurant. Restaurant bars used to be seen as a form of a penance, a holding area until the real experience was ready, but at Pineapple & Pearls, the bar is one of the experiences. Don't be fooled, the service at P&P's bar is just as spot on and pleasantly attentive as - I imagine it is - in the main dinning room. The wonderful bar tending team, who's names I should remember, were on top of it all; food, beverage and hosting, all night long. 
The restaurant's ambiance is synonymous with its name; Pineapple - the emblem of warm hospitality, complimented by pearls - a symbol of elegance. At P&P you truly feel a comfortable air of luxury all at once, no pretentiousness, …

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