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Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant, enjoying delicacies from a country whose cuisine you're perhaps not too familiar with, and asked the people you were with, "I wonder if this is what they eat in...". In the case of India and Indian Accent in New York, I can confirm that, indeed it is! How can I be so confident? Because I coincidentally had the pleasure of dining at the Indian Accident restaurant in New Delhi seven years ago, just as I was starting this blog.

Unlike the calm, suburb-like neighborhood of the New Delhi location, Indian Accent New York is right in the heart of bustling Midtown. Attached to the Thompson hotel, the restaurant opened in 2016 and is currently one of three Indian Accent locations around the world. In addition to the Mumbai restaurant, there are plans of re-opening their London location in the near future. The restaurant's interior compliments the menu's modern approach to Indian cuisine with a very sleek design. Grey hues, a white marble bar, long brown cloth bench seating and warm wood tables welcome guests at the entrance. At the rear of the restaurant is a gold accent dining room that screams for art, but is silenced by elegant wallpaper. 

Indian Accent NY gets an honorable mention in the Michelin Guide and is on the World's 50 Best Discovery list. The celebrity chef behind the multi outpost fine Indian dining restaurant concept is Manish Mehrotra. Chef Mehrotra started his career in Mumbai and has since been awarded the titles of Best Chef in India and Best Chef of the Year by multiple publications. The Chef behind the scenes in NYC, however, is Executive Chef Valice Francis. After having worked at the New Delhi location for one year in 2017, Francis went on to broaden his culinary skills in Hong Kong and other locations in India before joining the Indian Accent NYC team in February 2022. Both chefs come together to deliver a menu that showcases a variety of elevated street food and an inventive approach to Indian cuisine incorporating global techniques and influences. Chef is supported by an enthusiastic team that has impressive knowledge in all aspects of the menu and genuinely cares about instilling such knowledge onto patrons. 

Sweet Pickle Ribs, Sun-dried Mango, Onion Seeds

Green Chili Sour - Spicy Tequila, Pineapple, Vanilla

Pumpkin Coconut Shorba Amuse Bouche

*Ghee Roast Lamb, Roomali Roti Pancakes
Wild Mushroom Kulcha

Makhani Malai, Saffron Milk, Rose Petal Jaggery Brittle, Almond

One meal at Indian Accent will definitely redefine any notions you may have about what Indian cuisine can be! Click here for more information on Indian Accent New York.

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