The Village Pub - Woodside, California

Head West from Silicon Valley's quaint tech town of Palo Alto, drive up the hills of Woodside, and there you'll find The Village Pub.  It's name is as unassuming as it's casual location, but inside you will find a high level of classic American cuisine. 80% of the restaurant's produce is sourced from a 5 acre ranch a few miles away which uses no pesticides. Looking over the refined menu you wouldn't believe that Executive Chef Mark Sullivan has no formal culinary education. That makes the fact that The Village Pub holds one Michelin star even more of a pleasant surprise and accomplishment. His cooking style is described as "an on going exploration of old world and modern cooking" and he's always on the look out for new techniques and skills. The restaurants wine list matches it's great dinning menus having been awarded a 2015 Wine Spectator Grand Award. Enjoy my Dined There at The Village Pub in Woodside, California.

Bigeye Tuna Tartare
Cozzolinos Farm's Avocado / Bagna Cauda

Crispy Duck Confit
Rodini Farm's English Peas / Wild Nettles

Meyer Lemon Crémeux
Matcha Sablé Breton / White Chocolate Sorbet

Lunch was a real pleasure; the cocktails were balanced and refreshing, the food was delicious and the service friendly and professional. Click here for more information on The Village Pub. Be sure to register by e-mail not to miss any updates. Also, a more visual based version of my blog is now available on Instagram @dinedtheresippedthat . It will also include some dishes which won't appear on my blog. 

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