James Wojcik Photography - Edible Works of Art

How does a bag of oysters turn into an edible photography project? While flipping through the pages of Departures magazine, I came across the awesome work of photographer James Wojcik. Personally I'm not a fan of oysters unless they are fried or baked, but these creations look irresistable. One day in 2009 a bag of oysters washed ashore near Wojcik's home. Little did he know what that find would turn into. Working together, James and food stylist Brett Kurzweil, turned oysters into decadent, edible works of art. Today, the project turned into the Dinah Rock Oyster Company, a small farm and photography project that James hopes will bring awareness to the link between shellfish restoration and clean water. Feast your eyes on some of these beautifully decorated oysters below, and see the entire project at the link in the references.

                                                                                                          Source: Dinah Rock Oyster Company

-Sevruga Caviar, Tapioca, Gold Leaf, and Salmon Roe
 -Red Corn, Basil Purée, Caramel, Carrot, and Rice Chip

For entire project, see :www.DinahRockOysters.com *Update:Site has recently been taken down
Brett Kurzweil
Writer: Rachel Hurn


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