Dangerous Truths of the Food Industry

In the last decade scientific research into the food industry has revealed truths we could have never imagined. For as long as we can remember we've known that a big part of our health is an exact reflection of the foods we consume. However, what happens when what we're consuming isn't really what we think it is? The book Real Food/Fake Food by Larry Olmsted dives deep into the dirty secrets that the food industry doesn't want us to know. He also discusses how dangerous counterfeit artisanal products are flooding the market. I came across a short excerpt of the book in Hemispheres, an airline magazine. Read the text in the photos below to find out truths about truffle oil, Kobe beef, snapper, lobster, even olive oil and an abundance of faulty labeling.

Source:Hemispheres Magazine

Source: Hemispheres Magazine

Get your hands on a copy of the book to find out many more secrets. To find out where I was traveling to when I came across this article you'll have to follow my blog! hehe. And of course, to find out where I  Dined There once I arrived.

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