The Most Unhealthy Meal in America

I recently posted about The Dangerous Truths of the Food Industry and how deceitful labeling could be harmful to the consumers health. Sometimes though, the realities of an unhealthy diet is right in front of our eyes, yet we choose to look the other way. Unfortunately, it's often those artery clogging fast food meals which we crave the most. Fast food is one thing, but the restaurant serving the fattiest combos in America takes it a whole other level. A normal adult diet is based on 2,000 calories a day. A big mac is 540 calories, a whopper is an average of 630 calories, and at the unhealthiest restaurant one appetizer item can be up to a stagering 960 calories. Which restaurant do you think serves the least healthy dish in America? How many calories do you think are in a the most calorific meals?

                                                                                               Source: Visually


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