Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura - Beverly Hills, CA

If there's three things that Italians love it's calcio, fashion and of course, food. Considering this quasi-holy trifecta is almost as old as the country itself, it's surprising that on the modern culture time line, the culinary and fashion world have only recently joined forces. I remember dining at the Armani restaurant on 5th Avenue in New York City some 12-13 years ago. At the time it had recently opened and was the first of its kind in North America. Today, this concept spans the world, from the Fendi cafe in Hong Kong, to the Prada restaurant in London and the acclaimed - and very difficult reservation to secure - Polo Lounge by Ralph Lauren in New York City (I once spotted Chris Rock there). Dinners globally are literally eating up the couture X cuisine collaboration. 

Not one to be left out of trends, but rather setting them since 1921, queue Gucci. The legendary Italian design house has crafted an instant classic by teaming up with none other than two time World's Best Restaurant recipient, Chef Massimo Bottura, to create their osteria concept. In February 2020, the garden-like rooftop location in Beverly Hills became the second of three Gucci Osterias around the world. The restaurant is located above the Gucci boutique on Rodeo Drive, convenient for anyone looking for an excuse to shop. The timeless space strikes a perfect balance with white Italian marble, dark wood flooring, and lush greenery, even palm trees rising up from the street below. Legendary Chef Botturra, featured on Netflix's Chef's Table, oversees the restaurant's menu and concept in a consulting role. At the helm of the kitchen and managing the young dynamic team is compatriot, young up-and-comer, Mattia Agazzi. Gaining his experience in some impressive kitchens, including Joël Robuchon, Agazzi's mentorship with Botturra began at the first Gucci Osteria in Florence. Since that time, Botturra's creative license has enabled Mattia's elite level cooking to evolve beyond tradition, earning the Italian restaurant one Michelin Star in 2021. Despite his modern & playful cuisine style, his base is firmly Italian cuisine, reinterpreted to include the best of California's products and creativity. From Florence to Los Angeles, two artistic worlds which value creativity come together to embody Gucci's timelessness and Agazzi's vision of creating new, inspired by the past. For more information visit .

Insalata di Mare - Seafood Salad, Seasonal Greens

Seafood Salad: Daikon Radish atop Scallops, Razor Clams, Calamari and Prawns

Calirosa Garden - Calirosa Tequila, Dragoncello, Pear, Lime, Shiso Leaf 

Tortellini - Parmigiano-Reggiano Sauce
These were the most flavorful Tortellini and Parmigiano Reggiano sauce I've ever had.
The Tortellini are filled with Prosciutto Crudo, Parmigiano, Pork Loin and Veal Loin.
The sauce is made with Parmigiano-Regianno that's been aged for 36 months.  

"Oops I Broke the Meringue"

 Meringue atop Raspberry, Shiso, Buttermilk, Almond

Los Angeles is truly a melting pot overflowing with culinary influences from all over the world. Have a look at some casual restaurants that deliver a unique experience, here.


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