Saddle Peak Lodge - Calabasas, CA

Saddle Peak Lodge

Away from all the glitz and glamour, the Saddle Peak Lodge is the furthest thing you could imagine when thinking of Los Angeles or Hollywood. That is, unless, you're thinking of old Hollywood. Over 100 years ago the lodge was once a road stop and general store on a rugged trail to service real deal cowboys, fishermen, and miners headed to the gold fields North. In the 1920s the area around the lodge evolved into a summer resort which was soon discovered by Hollywood and became a no frills retreat for movie stars. Erel Flynn and Clark Gable appeared in their Bugattis, bringing with them the allure of the silver screen, and it's said that Charlie Chaplin even modeled his famous New Mexico home from the architecture of the lodge. To this day the romanticism of Saddle Peak Lodge is still a Hollywood draw. 

Nestled away in the Calabasas Hills, in 1985 the lodge would be reimagined into the cabin-centric lifestyle venue that its patrons enjoy today. The warm interior includes a double-sided large stone fireplace, unapologetic taxidermy, hunting & fishing accessories and relics of the old west, most of which have been donated by friends and diners. One would hope for nothing less as guests walk up to the large log cabin.

Los Angeles native and Executive Chef Joey Gibson Riva serves up a game-heavy menu fit for a lodge ranging from New Zealand Elk Tartare to a Mushroom & Bone Marrow Sandwich and Alaskan Halibut. This fresh take on surf & turf dishes earned the Saddle Peak Lodge a Michelin Plate. Chef may be cooking in a traditional environment, but he prides himself on pushing his creativity and delivering innovate takes on classic game meats and fish.

July 2022 Update

During the summer months Saddle Peak Lodge offers outdoor dining on their large stone terrace. A large vine covered pergola hangs over all the tables, and allows the stars to shine through after dusk; it's almost out of a postcard. At 600+ft of altitude the climate is mild and the tranquil patio is an extension of their game lodge with magnificent views of the Calabasas Hills and the sun setting over them to the West. When you sit outside, the sun is your light source, and like trying to take a picture of your pet, the sun doesn't sit still. It's fun to see the hue of the photos below changing from sun light to darkness. Bring your appetite to SPL and be ready to savor some game offerings not often found on restaurant menus.

New Zealand Elk Tartare, Marinated Wasabi, Smoked Avocado & Rice Chips

Wood Grilled Duroc Pork Chop, Cream of Broccoli, Truffle Fingerlings, Bacon Jam

Meyer Lemon Cake, Olive Oil, Lemon Sorbet, 

November 2021

Chef's Game Trio clockwise
1 -Bison Short Rib, Smoked Miso-Potato,
Blistered Asparagus, Spicy Pepper & Apple Salad
2- Elk Tenderloin, Braised Bacon, Morello Cherry, Celery Root, Sweet Potato
3- Ostrich, Balsamic Onion, Potato, Spinach, Red Wine Jus

Saddle Peak Lodge indoor dinning room

Saddle Peak Lodge entrance

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