The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016 list

Since 2002 The World's 50 Best Restaurant list has been a go to reference guide for exceptional restaurants around the world. They have several categories including their top 50 and 51-100 list for the world (around 2018 they added 20 additional spots to go to 120). Less known are their top 50 lists for Asia and Latin America separately, best female chef, best pastry chef and several others. Some people are even going as far as saying that the World 50 Best Restaurants list is getting to be more relevant than the Michelin guide. I have to disagree with this as they are two different rating systems. You can't really consider the Michelin Guide a rating system. Michelin ratings are much more of an accreditation and still very much what all top chefs strive for versus making the Top 50 list. Although it goes without saying that both bring in a serious amount of customers and revenue for restaurants and owners. I've been looking at the list out of interest and for dining recommendations during my travels for two to three years now and it's never led me wrong. However, the fact that it's limited to 100 restaurants (updated to 120 around 2018) cannot replace the Via Micheline Guide which mentions all restaurants around the world that have earned one to three Michelin stars or their Bib Gourmand stamp (indicating quality food at value pricing). The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016 list was recently released and has seen a lot of restaurants moving way up, way down and some losing their spot on the list all together. See if any restaurants in your city made the new list at the link below. Which restaurants are you hoping to get to on your travels? Let me know in the comments. For more info on The Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list and the Via Micheline guide, please visit and Thanks for reading!

The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016 list

Check out one of the few restaurants to make it on both The World's Best Restaurant's list, and Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list, Indian Accent, here. 


  1. Nothing can replace the Michelin guide. I dislike any list of the ten or fifty or whatever number of the best or worst of something. As far as the fifty restaurant list, I would always thing that some deserving establishments would be eliminated just to keep it down to fifty, or that some undeserving restaurants are added just to fill in the list.

    1. I agree about Via Michelin, Lee. I also agree that these days Top 10 lists are written a bit too freely with no real "authority" in the restaurant world. This list promotes it's top 50, but actually goes to top 100. Still, I know what you mean; Some 1 or 2 Michelin Star restaurants rate much higher on the list than some three Michelin Star restaurants. But you have to give it to them that they've created their own lane. Doing this since 2002 they have anchored themselves and their opinion in the dinning world.


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