Del Posto and Death & Co - New York City

Del Posto

New York, still my favorite city to this day, is no stranger to Italian restaurants. Little Italy, Midtown, West Village, etc, you can find Italian dinning pretty much anywhere. Some good, some not so great, and then there's Del Posto's league, outstanding. Del Posto is the result of a collaboration between the house hold names of Joe & Lidia Bastianich and Executive Chef Melissa J. Rodriguez. The restaurant has several accolades under it's belt including the first Italian restaurant in almost 40 years to receive a 4 Star review from The New York Times. It is recognized in the Relais & Chateau ranks and holds one Michelin Star. As my photos illustrate, the ambiance at Del Posto is candle lit and traditional, but it is still easy to see the luxury. With dark woods and marble floors it's the most old school you can get in a restaurant that's barely 10 years old. I don't usually mention service in my posts, but the staff at Del Posto was more like a lesson in service etiquette. Getting back to what you're here for, the food was delicious and as authentic as you can get. I Dined There in March, when I had no clue I'd be starting a dining blog, and so these are only a few photos from my wonderful meal. The dark photos give you a great excuse to experience Del Posto for yourself next time you're in New York. 
*Content updated September 2018

Updated Post - September 2018

Assaggi - Ferratelle - Waffle Cone with Taleggio Cheese Fonduta & Charred Fennel Pesto.
One end is dipped in Toasted Pistachio & the other in Fennel Pollen

Assaggi - Arrosticini - A play on roasted lamb - Shitake Mushrooms, Lentils & Oats mimic the meaty texture. With a Spice Blend of Garlic, Tomato Paste, Smoked Paprika, Basil, Oregano, Marjoram
Finished with a Lemon Sheep's Milk Yogurt & Mint

Carne Cruda - 28 Day Aged Beef Ribeye Tartar with Parmigiano, Saffron & Crispy Rice 

Girella Genovese - Baked Spiral with Pesto Genovese, Heritage Pork & Seared Pecorino Toscano

Orecchiette - with Rabbit Sausage, Turnips & Olives

Pistachio Semifreddo with Rhubarb, Lemon Meringue & Pink Peppercorn

Original Post - March 2016

Del Posto's version of bread and butter,
home made large breadstick and fresh ricotta with olive oil 

Primi -shared paste course,
Five Cheeses and Swiss chard Manicotti baked in Vesuvian Tomatoes

Primi second shared pasta course,
Del Posto Garganelli verdi al ragu bolognese & Parmigiano Reggiano
If my memory serves me correctly, it takes 10 lbs of spinach to make one serving.
This was half a portion.

Secondi - Veal alla Saltimbocca, braised cavolo nero
crisped potatoes and marsala guis

Del Posto's version of a moist towelette
serviette with essence of Lemon and Rosemary

Mignardise desserts served on/in a cheese grater.
some home dried fruits, chocolate truffle and caramel candy in edible wrapper. The digestifs cart, and sommelier's preparation and presentation of my 1738 Remy Martin was probably the best I've ever seen.

I'm a big fan and follower of new and trendy restaurants with modern cooking techniques and fusion themes, but I'm glad that I got to experience Del Posto to remind me some of the origins of these current trends. 

Death & Co

Death & Co sounds a little aggressive for the name of a cocktail bar, but I assure you that the bartenders here are just as serious about their cocktails. If you've done any research on the cocktail scene in New York City then you've definitely heard of Death & Co. Death & Co has won Best American Cocktail Bar and World's Best Cocktail Menu at Tales of the Cocktail Spirited awards, and is featured on Drink Here Now- The Best Bars in America. On recent trips to New York there were always 10-15 people standing outside the window-less bar, with an hour+ wait and so we walked on. On a brisk night at the end of March there was no line and we were in. As you can see from the picture below it was very dark, and no photos of any drinks came out clear. I had never seen that many bitters and it reflected in the cocktail list and my drinks as they were very herbal until I asked for a custom, off menu citrus based concoction. If you're a true craft cocktail aficionado make sure you check it out.

I leave you with these wise words from Benjamin Franklin. I hope you enjoyed my post, and please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions on any of my past posts. For more information on Del Posto and Death & Co. please visit and www.Death& Register by email to get notified about next week when we go coast to coast to Napa Valley.

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