Spago by Wolfgang Puck - Beverly Hills, CA

As the sun sets on Beverly Hills, behind the mountains to the West, the buzz inside Spago's outdoor tent begins to grow as patrons arrive for cocktails and dinner service in the bass bumping, al fresco dining space. The tent was originally constructed in 2021 during the height of the pandemic as a way for the restaurant to remain opened while following LA county's social distancing ordinance. Even for a large, 109 person capacity tent, the Wolfgang Puck (WP) team has found a way to make what would otherwise be an eyesore look sleek & chic. The light fixtures are fitting for the interior of most restaurants, large planters create intimate smaller spaces, life size art objects make you forget that you're outside, and its fuchsia lights can be seen from blocks away. Even though the dining room has since re-opened, the Spago tent, which occupies the width of the street, has been such a success that it is set to remain, at least through construction of the nearby metro line (as of August 2022). The only drawback, in this diner's opinion, of the tent is... the fuchsia glow in all my photos.

Spago may no longer hold its '08 and '09 two Michelin stars, but since the opening of it's original Hollywood location in 1982, the restaurant is still one of the original standards of success in Los Angeles, attracting paparazzi-worthy celebrities and A-lis guests from around the world. If the name Wolfgang Puck sounds familiar, perhaps you've seen the celebrity Chef's name on one of his restaurants, which quite literally span the globe. Or perhaps you remember one of my previous posts where I provide more detailed insight on his story and success story, here. Despite having stunning venues in several world capitals, Spago Beverly Hills, where it all began, remains the flagship of the restaurant group. 

Executive Chef and Hell's Kitchen alumni, Ari Rosenson, has been with the WP empire since he was 16 year's old at the Hollywood Spago location, and has played an important role in opening the current location and WP's CUT steakhouses. Rosenson oversees the "New California" cuisine, which has made WP so famous, using fresh, local ingredients, with nods to WP's Austrian roots like Wienerschnitzel and several desserts. The stage is set and the spotlights are fuchsia, at Spago Beverly Hills.

*Kombu-Jime **Shima Aji
***Umeboshi Vinaigrette, Seaweed - Black Sesame Tofu, Shiso

*"Kombu-Jime" is a Japanese method of pickling and curing meat, fish and vegetables.
**"Shima Aji" is Japanese for "Stripped Jack" fish
***Umeboshi is a Japanese preserved plum

Spago's exterior tent - Source - LADateIdeas          

Grilled Marcho Farm's Veal Chop -
Roasted Baby Corn, Spring Onion, Polenta, Double Blanched Garlic, Rosemary

*Kardinalschnitte -
Elegant Lady Peaches, Raspberries, White Chocolate Cream, Toasted Meringue, Sponge Cake

*"Kardinalschnitte" is German for "Cardinal Slices"; a layered meringue based dessert with origins from the city of Vienna.  

In addition to Puck's enviable Chef career, he has written books, had his own Emmy winning television program on the Food network and has his own line of cookwares. His accolades are truly endless and he continues to write the list today. Between the WP Fine Dining Group and WP World Wide Inc. the name Wolfgang Puck can be seen on some 80 locations around the world from hospitals, airports and schools in addition to restaurants. Truly a story fit for a Hollywood movie. For more information on Wolfgang Puck's empire visit .


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