Mírame - Beverly Hills, CA

The scene is Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. Think sports cars, posh designer shops, and ...Fiesta! On the quiet side streets of the famed shopping corridor, Mexican restaurant Mírame's party quite literally spills out onto the street, with tables lining their entrance and street-side terrace. As onlookers walk by they are transported to a Mexican hacienda in the restaurant's welcoming porch showcasing a wood-burning fireplace, tall white painted brick walls, terra cotta floors & table tops and native vegetation hanging on the walls. With a name that translates to "look at me", Mírame doesn't fail to impress. 

In a city whose name is itself Spanish (Los Angeles), and has such close geographical proximity to Mexico, it's no surprise to find a wealth of quality latin restaurants. Mírame and Chef Joshua Gil represent Mexico with a Michelin Plate distinction through Chef's contemporary Mexican cuisine with a California twist. Anchored in a farm to table approach, the menu is constantly changing to showcase ingredients in their prime and dishes driven by various regions of Mexico. The farm to table approach overflows onto the restaurant's beverage program as well, offering an extensive list of Mexican wines and spirits, some of which made exclusively for Mírame. I even learned that there is an abundance of producers who make a spirit exactly like tequila, but because they aren't in the designated zones, they cannot call it as such, just like Champagne Vs. sparking wine, for example. 

Chef Gil & founding partner Matthew Egan have travelled all across Mexico to bring its flavors and rich  culinary heritage to Mírame in hopes of creating a layered, unique dining experience. In return their patrons get to reap the benefits of their journey, enjoying curated authentic meals.   
Smoked Short Rib Tacos
Creamed Spinach, Pickled Onions, Red Wine Salsa

Mírame's entrance source - LA Eater

Grilled Little Gems Salad
Kabocha, Squash, Warren Pears, Shaft Blue Cheese, Pumpkin Seeds

Beef Cheeks Al Vapor Mulita
Quesillo, Tomatillo, Sorano Flour Tortilla

Cascabel Hangar Steak
Maitake, Jicama, Soy Brown Butter

Rice Bunuelo
Persimmon, Truffle Honey, Buttermilk Ice Cream

The ambiance in Mírame is very approachable and convivial, and the team is passionate about sharing Mexico's traditions. So much so, that they offer their own Mexican Coffee beans and very small batch Mezcal tasting box, so guests can take a little bit of Mexico and Mírame home with them. For more information on the restaurant visit www.Mirame.la .


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