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Update February 2022

It seems as though new published posts are indeed still being sent to subscribers inbox, which is great. I still invite you to follow me on my social media channels below. 

Original Post - June 2021

Good day! If you're reading this I thank you endlessly for having registered to, and supporting, my blog. I'm sending out this notification update because beginning July 1st, Blogger will no longer be sending out an e-mail version when I publish a new post. Fear not! There are other channels where you can follow Dined There, Sipped That and I'll provide those links at the bottom of this post. I thank you for your past and current readership, and I thank you again in advance for tuning into my other outlets. Of course, this website will remain active and I look forward to posting updates on favorite and new restaurants alike throughout the summer. Be safe and support your local restaurants.


You can follow me on Twitter @RBaviello here, where I mainly post photos of restaurant & cocktail bars that didn't make it to the blog. Articles about the hospitality industry, ranging from worker wages, new restaurants, food & cocktail recipes and all that's in between. 


The Dined There, Sipped That instagram account can be followed here. The DTST instagram feed mainly features new blog posts in a photo only format. Included are "stories" from delectable dishes from restaurants that didn't make the blog, videos and photos of my travels, my extensive (and constantly growing) gin collection, and a curated selection of wines, Champagne and fine liqueurs. 

Thanks again and I look forward to connecting with you all on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Love your posts!! Makes me hungry every time.

    1. Thank you! Your continued support is always much appreciated! I truly enjoy receiving feedback from my readers :D


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