Blue Duck Tavern - Washington, D.C.

In a city full of laws & legislation and briefcases & business suits, the foodie seeking simple American fare will find solace at Blue Duck Tavern (BDT). In the Park Hyatt hotel Georgetown, large dark oak doors reveal the tavern's warm feel with a modern, clean line design. When searching for inspiration, well seasoned Chef Adam Howard looks no further than the region's natural bounty and culinary traditions. Rooted in serving the finest seasonal ingredients available through local farms and suppliers, each of which mentioned, the menu offers a creative yet rustic take on classic dishes. Ingredients sourced from Virginia to Quebec and Maine to Idaho make up the creative menu prepared with the teams centerpiece, a custom designed *Molteni range oven, the only one in town. The BDT open concept kitchen is inviting and literally warm, sometimes feeling the flames from their wood burning oven, charring away. *Molteni is a "legendary" professional grade stove made in France since 1923. 

You can take the Montrealer out of Quebec...but he'll take La Belle Province with him where ever he goes. Coincidentally enough, two of the dishes I sampled were from Gaspor Farms, just one hour from Montreal. When I asked about the blood sausage, the waiter turned to the Chef a few feet from us who prepares the delicacy and he was proud to explain the dish himself, all part of the BDT award winning, one Michelin star experience. Suited to warm you up for the fall season, enjoy the BDT hearty dishes below. 

From Earth N Eats, Pennsylvania
 Heirloom Tomato Salad - Lebne, Charred Cucumber, Basil Purée,
Shabazi Croutons, Aleppo Vinaigrette

From Gaspor Farms, Quebec
 Boudin Rouge - Field Pea & Fillet Bean Ragout, Soft-Boiled Pickled Farm Egg, 
Salsa Verde, Country Toast

From Gaspor Farms, Quebec
 Suckling Porchetta - *Choucroute, Preserved Blood Orange Mostarda
*Choucroute is Sauerkraut in French

From Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Vegetable Pot Pie - Heirloom Spring Vegetables, Herb Salad

The Blue Duck Tavern is the kind of wholesome place that you'd expect to have a dedicated bourbon and craft beer menu. Fear not hooch & brew enthusiasts, your needs will be satisfied, but BDT under the radar specialty is tea, yes, tea. With a tea cellar as one of their event venues the restaurant offers over 35 rare, limited production, vintage and aged teas making it the country's best curated collection. Whether seated at the 29 foot-long Windsor bench, or you snagged a glass-enclosed booth in the lounge, you'll be sure to feel at home at the Blue Duck Tavern. For more information visit .

The gem and flagship of Fabio Trabocchi's D.C. empire is also a one Michelin star restaurant. Have a look at Fiola here.


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