Mama's Fish House - Paia, Hawaii

Located in a coconut grove, on the Northern shores of Maui, I'd say that Mama's Fish House is the most iconic restaurant on the Island. It's fun, the food is delicious and authentic Hawaiian & Polynesian cuisine, and falls under my "local and notable" category. Mama's origins date back to 1960 with a couple in San Diego dreaming of sailing across the South Pacific Ocean. After 4 years of adventures on, and off, board their Marinero vessel they permanently settle in Maui. Their main
inspiration to open a restaurant came from Café Vaima in Tahiti who served traditional Polynesian dishes, and in 1974 they purchased the land that Mama's Fish House is on today. Fast forward to 2016 and every fresh caught fish is still identified with the local fisherman's name. The decor and woodwork left me jaw dropped, gazing at the walls and newly renovated ceilings. Mama's is very Tiki, which I'm a big fan of, and is like nowhere I've ever been before. Enjoy a glimpse inside and out, and the colorful dishes served at my Dined There at Mama's Fish House, Maui. 

Mama's Fish House front view and view from above

Mai Tai "Roa Ae" - Tahitian for "The Best": Light Rum, Dark Rum, Orange Curacao, Lime Juice
Scorpion: Mix of four light and dark Rums, Island juices, Falernum, 151 Rum floater
Pau Hana: Lime, Guava, and Bombay Gin scented with Ginger 

Coconut grove and beach where Mama's is located and interior

Beef Polynesia - Seared  Beef Tenderloin in a Grilled Hana Papaya
Maui Venison - With Luau Leaf Chimichurri, Hawaiian Pa'i'ai and Poi Demi

Mahimahi caught by Greg Lind off the coast of Hana - 
Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, White Wine & Capers

Traditional Hawaiin - Grilled Mahimahi and Salmon with Big Island Wild Boar slow cooked in a ti leaf, (From left to right) Quartered Passion fruit, Purple Sweet Potato, Octopus Luau, Chopped Tomatoes, Caramelized Plantain, Ahi Poke 

Dinner was delicious, and just like Mama's Fish House website claims, this was an experience I'll never forget. If you tell anyone you're going to Maui they will tell you, "Go to Mama's Fish House!", and once arrived in Maui, locals and tourists alike ask "Have you been to Mama's Fish House?". Suggestion, if ever you're in Muai, I highly suggest you check out Mama's Fish House! For More info on Mama's you can visit their website here.

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