The World's Most Expensive Meal at CÉ LA VI - Singapore

When I think of an expensive meal, a seafood appetizer, a steak and a nice bottle of wine come to mind, or if we go to the extreme, the 310$ Chef's tasting menu at The French Laundry. Yet in the limitless luxury and ridiculous opulence of today's world, that would be pennies. 

With hotels making the most of every inch they have, it's common to find fine dinning on the rooftop of most luxury hotels.  How ever, the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is no ordinary hotel, and so naturally the restaurant on the roof of the luxury resort is no average restaurant. CÉ LA VI is a restaurant in jet set locations like St-Tropez and Hong Kong. For dinner at CÉ LA VI the minimum spend is 80$ per person, the chef's tasting menu is 168$, the club lounge up there is ranked the 90th best club in the world, and more importantly, it is the host to the world's most expensive meal. 


Being the fine dinning foodie that I am, of course I have reservations.....not!  This dinner will only be served once, and only one couple will be lucky enough to enjoy it. How much do you think the world's most expensive meal can possibly be? To find out what this lavish experience consists of and how much this extravagance will set them back, see the link below. 


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