Galvin at Windows Bar and The Ledbury - London

Galvin at Windows Bar 

The view alone from the 28th floor of the London Hilton Park Lane is quite spectacular. Combine it with a specialty cocktail from the bar of Galvin at Windows restaurant, and you have yourself a winning formula. With Chef Patron Chris Galvin and Head Chef Joo Won, this French restaurant holds a Michelin Star. If bars could be awarded Michelin stars, this contemporary styled bar would definitely have one as well. I sipped on a Geisha, which had a perfect balance with a hint of sweetness from black cherries - a favorite! 
(see ingredients below). Cheers!

Geisha; Tangy Cherry, Absolute Elyx & sweet vanilla finish, served with burning incense stick

North Eastern view of London from the 28th floor of the London Hilton Park Lane, 
Galvin at Windows Bar

The Ledbury

If you ask the average dinner about food in London, chances are they’ll tell you there’s nothing but bangers & mash or fish & chips. If you ask a foodie about dinning in London they’ll probably get excited and list more restaurants than you can visit during your stay. It’s highly probable that on this list you will find The Ledbury. The restaurant is located in the quaint neighbourhood of Notting Hill, just outside of London's city center. Although some of the dishes look rustic the cuisine is contemporary British to match the interior's sleek design of light wood and contemporary furniture & lighting. Currently holding two Michelin Stars, and the 20th spot on World 50 Best Restaurants list, the Ledbury is led by the Australian born Executive Chef, Brett Graham. Chef described his cuisine as "based around fabulous British produce with lots of vegetables and wild English game". Amongst other accolades, he held the “Young Chef of the Year” award in 2002. Fun fact; Graham is a qualified deer hunter, just have a look at the mounted deer head at the end of the hall. On any given night you may find that the venison in your dish is the catch of his hunt. Quirky fact: the Chef has quite a green thumb and offers his customers compost made from 100% kitchen waste to take home. During my last visit to London I was lucky enough to secure a late reservation. Unfortunately I had to pass as I'm not sure the 5Lbs bag would have passed as my carry-on...but back to the food! I hope you enjoy my Dined There at the Ledbury.

             Assortments of amuse bouche and Deer puff

Artichokes, Violet and Chinese, Muscat Grapes and Walnuts

Hand Dived Scallops, Cevice, Seaweed and Herb Oil, English Frozen Wasabi

Roast Cauliflower, Lobster Butter, Basil and Parmesan

Grilled Cuttlefish, New Season's Garlic and Cracked Wheat

Iberico Pork, Purple Carrots Baked in Hay, Mustard and Trompettes

Fallow Pricket, Salt Baked Turnip, Morels and Wild Garlic

Whipped Buttermilk, Poached Rubarb and Olive Oil Shortbread 

Brown Sugar Tart, Stem Ginger Ice Cream

The service at the Ledbury was as impressive as the food, and our host, Jack, was stellar. The dinning in London is incredible. If you get the chance to visit the city, do your research and treat yourself to some world class dinning. For more information on the Bar at Galvin at Windows and on the Ledbury please visit and . Thanks for reading my blog. Register by email to get notified about my great experience at a restaurant in Delhi, India, next week.


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