Medieval Dining in Èze, France

Les Remparts - La Chèvre d'Or

Golden beaches, emerald blue water, perfectly preserved quaint, historic towns, it's no surprise that millions of tourists from around the world flock to the South of France every summer. Home to some of Europe's most stunning shorelines, Monaco, St-Tropez and Cannes are just a few of the famous sea-side towns where discerning visitors travel to, expecting the best of the best - and lots of rosé! Tucked up in the mountains between these Côte d'Azur favorites is the lesser known, and perhaps more picturesque town of Èze. The medieval village is the real draw, perched on a large boulder 1,400ft (427m) above the sea. The labyrinth-like, pedestrian only, narrow cobble stone walkways make for picture perfect scenes at every turn. 

Within the medieval village is Relais & Châteaux property La Chèvre d'Or, "The Golden Goat". The hotel's cliffside entrance is lined with large sculptures resembling an outdoor museum, with breathtaking scenery, and is only accessible to hotel guests. Its rooms however, formerly private homes purchased by the hotel owner in the 1950s, are located on the cliff face of the property and spread throughout the small village; 40 unique rooms in what used to be someone's home. Within the property is Michelin Guide mentioned restaurant, Les Remparts.

Enjoyed in the open air terrace or the indoor dining room, both spaces offer unparalleled views of the Mediterranean ocean, surrounded by lush, well manicured greenery, adding further enchantment to this truly unique venue. French Chef Arnaud Faye has been in charge of the all the hotel's dining venues since joining the team in 2016. No stranger to Michelin Stars, they seem to follow him throughout his career, having earned two Michelin stars within two years everywhere the Head Chef has worked. His current position is no exception, overseeing the properties' namesake two Michelin Star restaurant in addition to Les Remparts. Any chef would revel in the opportunity to work at this venue and with the variety and readily available ingredients that the French Riviera has to offer. From the fresh produce of the fields to the sea, and everything in between and in it, Faye's menus are a representation of the terroir's bounty, in French style, with a modern touch on marriage of flavors.

Yellowfin Tuna Crudo, Passionfruit Marinade, Black Truffle

Walkways of La Chèvre d'Or property

"Citrus Carnival" -
Orange Liqueur, Monaco Gin, Italicus, Lemon, Agave Syrup, Citrus 

South West views from Les Rempart's terrace.
Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Similar to a fried fritter, stuffed with Swiss Chard, Ricotta and other spices.
Mainly found in the Eastern part of the French Riviera, originating from Monaco.

Roasted Octopus, Deconstructed Corn, Barbecue Sauce

Chocolate St-Honoré, Chocolate Mouse on Chocolate Bread

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Châteaux Eza

Also located within the fortified walls of the 12th century castle is hotel Châteaux Eza. The property is only 11 turns & corners from La Chèvre d'Or - I mentioned that the town was a labyrinth, right? Every step - and there are quite a few - of the way writes its own story, and yes, your maps app will work. 

Slightly more modern interior, but still very much Medieval exterior, I suppose you could call it Modern Medieval - yes, I just invented that term. The 400+ year old châteaux, and several neighboring properties, belonged to Price William of Sweden between 1920 and 1953. Further ownership change, property transitions and management visions between 1976 to 1982 resulted in the hotel as we know it today, officially opening in 1987.

 Walking into the property from the walkways of Èze, the design is cave-like, with tunnels leading to the bar and dining rooms which couldn't be further than a cave, full of natural light. Eza also has stunning panoramic views and a small terrace area hanging over the cliff face; the ideal spot for sunsets over the mountains and taking in the mediterranean air. Eza's eponymous, intimate, 50 seat restaurant holds one Michelin Star and is overseen by Chef Justin Schmitt. After training under notable Master Chefs, Schmitt went on a global tour to learn, appreciate and understand techniques and preparations that the culinary world has to offer. It's these influences that moulded his adaptive and creative skills, enabling him to apply his cooking brilliance to new age Mediterranean dishes.

Châteaux Eza dining venues perched on the cliffside. 

Roasted Octopus Satay, Corn Cream, Smoked Whiskey

Walkways of Èze

Cod, Shellfish & Seaweed Confit, Spinach Gnocchi, Lemon & Pistachio Emulsion

Just under 400ft/120m away from La Chèvre d'Or
 the view from Châteaux Eza is just as spectacular and a tad bit more West facing. 

Lemon Tart, Mint, Maple Syrup Emulsion

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