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One of the things I enjoy about some Dined There experiences is when there are no set expectations for a restaurant and I end up really relishing it. Outside: New York City's Flatiron District, inside: the well manicured, rustic Town & Country-looking Gramercy Tavern. Part tavern and part dinning room, fresh flowers and vibrant murals of landscapes give the impression that you're looking out at rolling hills and lively gardens from within a well appointed countryside farm house. A great visual metaphor of their farm to table approach. The tavern section (see 2021 update below) does not accept reservations and is more casual than the dinning room, appointed with unique one off pieces of American art to match Executive Chef Michael Anthony's American cuisine. The Michelin Guide has awarded the Gramercy Tavern one Michelin star every year since 2005 and describes their cooking as "a refreshing lack of over elaboration on the plate that demonstrates the confidence of the kitchen." The restaurant is part of Danny Meyer's non-tipping Union Square Hospitality Group, and the team believes in giving back to its community by supporting several charities & local initiatives. This unassuming spot chosen for Sunday brunch, which I've come to learn is a favorite of many locals, left quite the impression on me, and I hope you enjoy my Dined There brunch preview as much as I enjoyed discovering this gem. 

August 2021 Update

It's Sunday... and Sundays on a beautiful summer day in New York City mean walks in the park, catching up with friends, and of course brunch! Saying things have changed since the last time I Dined There at Gramercy Tavern would be a tad bit of an understatement. For one, Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group have since ended their non-tipping initiative, the dining room is currently closed for brunch, the tavern now does accept reservations, and oh yeah, Covid. I've tried to limit mentioning the current COVID19 global pandemic too often in my recent posts, but it has transformed the entire hospitality industry,  and its impacts have been felt by everyone. It's impossible to not acknowledge the pandemic as restaurants, bars and hotels adapt to it and try to recover & survive. 

As a result, Gramercy Tavern - through a legislation allowing restaurants to operate on municipal sidewalks - has lined their restaurant front with tables and installed a street side terrace, similar to many other Manhattan restaurants. Since June 2020, these mini oases allow diners to enjoy the summer weather outdoors in the shade, and enabled restaurants to get creative with a new space and of course recover some lost revenue from spaced out dining rooms. Winter nights on these terraces may not be quite the same experience, but restaurants have gotten creative with space heaters and blankets for these private cabins, providing intimacy otherwise not offered in dining rooms. After all, it's a better option than not being able to dine at your favorite restaurant, and from the restaurant's perspective, it beats being closed for business. 

Since brunch was in the dining room my first visit I was interested in enjoying the tavern's space and brunched indoors. Just as cozy as I remembered it, with the added sensory experience of enjoying the aromas of the open kitchen's wood burning-grill throughout the meal.

Duck Strozzapreti - Market Tomatoes, Swiss Chard, Olives

Chilled Carrot Soup - Golden Beets, Turnips, Pickled Ginger

Grilled Corn Flatbread - Shishito Peppers, Parmesan, Pickled Fresno

Gramercy Tavern's interior and wood-burning grill

April 2017

Lamb Campanelle, Collard Greens, Pecorino & Walnuts

Kale & Brussels sprouts Salad, Sliced Apples, Quinoa, Almonds, Romano Cheese

Duck Breast & Sausage, Charred Onion, Rosemary, Trumpet Mushroom 

Pork Loin & Deckle, Ramps, Lentils & Rhubarb

Pear, Walnut Buckle, Blue Cheese, Custard & Port Sauce

Stef Ferrari of Life & Thyme describes dinning at the Gramercy Tavern like "going to a family friend's house- or your favorite uncle's on Christmas, just with way better food". Hopefully this has given you the desire to feel like you're at home away from home at the Gramercy Tavern next time you're in New York City. Fun fact: Up until 2016 Danny Meyer owned Eleven Madison Park and there was a time when Gramercy Tavern was the more popular of the two! For more information please visit .

Wondering how or why the Gramercy Tavern has received a Michelin star since 2005? Check out my "Who, What, When, Where Why Michelin Star Guide" here.


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