Caviar Russe - New York City & Miami

On New York City's bustling Madison Avenue there is a jewel box hovering over the lively Midtown street. Inside the boîte is Caviar Russe, the restaurant of one of the largest caviar importers in the U.S with locations in Miami & Beverly Hills. After getting buzzed in at street level and up a flight of steps, the balanced decor of unique Russian themed art, modern Murano lighting and finely detailed crown moldings suits the small, sub 20 guest dinning room perfectly. As the photos below illustrate, dishes are contemporary and refined with an appeal to seafood. Fun caviar facts: There are over 400 species of sturgeon in the world, but only three of them are used to obtain caviar. Of the four types of caviar, Golden or Royal, is the most difficult to obtain, and until recently if anyone in Iran other than the Sheik was found eating Royal caviar their right hand would be cut off. Talk about a steep price to pay, at $500 an oz in addition to losing a hand! For that very reason the closest I came to enjoying caviar was the mother of pearl spoon, which caviar is traditionally enjoyed with, for the amuse bouche. With their attention to detail and quality of ingredients it's no surprise that Caviar Russe has held one Michelin star for 4 years in a row. Offering both prix fixe and a la carte options this glass jewel box is one of those "only in New York" experiences. The only problem now is choosing 3, 5 or 10 selections from the tasting menu. I hope you enjoy my Dined There at Caviar Russe, New York City.

Addition - Miami, January, 2020

Caviar Russe also has a location in Miami, Florida, inside the Four Seasons Brickell hotel since April 2016. With its drawn curtain entrance, the recently renovated space is just as intimate as the Madison Avenue location. Limiting service to 20 seats in the dining room and space for six at the counter, diners truly feel an air of exclusivity. Despite not holding a Michelin Star (because the Michelin guide doesn't visit Florida) the service, ambiance and culinary skill are without a doubt at par with the New York Location. For those who don't have a sweet tooth be sure take advantage of their 3 course menu where you can opt for two savory dishes instead of dessert. For more information on Caviar Russe Miami click here.

 Bluefin Tuna - Yuzu, Crystal Celery, Sake

Foie Gras - Apple, Jam, Brioche

Foie Gras

King Crab - Polenta, Braise, Nasturtium

Original Post - New York, October, 2017

Amuse Bouche

Egg - Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Sorrel

Conchiglie Pasta - Uni, Ramp, Morel

Arctic Char - King Crab, Radish, Boy Choy

Chocolate - Hazelnut, Coffee, Financier

Exterior from Madison Avenue - Source: Food Perestroika 

Dinning Room with unique Russian themed art, modern Murano glass lighting and ornate ceilings.

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