Aureole & King Cole Bar - New York City

"NYC, Again?" You ask. Yes, NYC again, and why not? What other city boasts a continual array of internationally acclaimed, award winning restaurants year after year? World class food aside, whether  you enjoy the city's tourist attractions or not, when the Big Apple comes to mind you can't help but think of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and of course, Time Square. Located just off of the 21st century piazza you will find Charlie Palmer's showcase restaurant, Aureole. The Master Chef offers an unapologetic  style of modern American cuisine which he describes as progressive because "Every time he steps into the kitchen he feels things are moving forward." His restaurants, predominantly in Northern California, Las Vegas & Manhattan all offer an elegant decor with a warm atmosphere. In two different NYC locations, most recently a 2008 move to the at-the-time-new Bank of America building, Aureole has has been wowing patrons for an impressive 28 years. The restaurant has held their one Michelin star rating since the introduction of the Via Michelin program in New York City in 2006, 13 years now. This makes Aureole one of only 12 restaurants who have maintained their rating since day one of the program. Classical French methods are at the core of the dinner menu with dishes like the seared foie gras & traditional Mont Blanc dessert. Look no further if in search of a chic space with world class cuisine, yet peaceful, almost litteraly in the heart of bustling Time Square. Please enjoy my Dined There at Aureole, New York City.

Amuse Bouche
Peekytoe Crab Salad , Pomegranate Gel, Micro Red Shisho

Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Hazelnuts, Jicama, Quince Compote, Gingerbread Brioche

Buckwheat Cavatelli
Speck, Chestnut, Savoy Cabbage, Fontina

Double R Ranch Beef
8oz Tenderloin, Braised Treviso, Parsnip, Chervil Oil, Juniper Jus

Griggstown Pheasant
Black Truffle Bread Pudding, Heirloom Carrot, Brussels Sprouts

Tasting of Sorbet & Ice Creams

Mont Blanc
Chestnut Cream, Cranberry Gel, Vanilla Chantilly

Walking out of the restaurant with freshly baked mignardise in hand you have to remind yourself that it isn't the middle of the afternoon, but that those are Time Square's lights beaming down through the side street, illuminating the crowds. For more information on Aureole and all of Charlie Palmers restaurants visit his website here. 
King Cole Bar

13 blocks North, tucked into the luxurious St-Regis hotel is the historic King Cole Bar. Tourists may consider waiving down a yellow cab, but for New Yorkers a 20 minute walk barely breaks a sweat. The walk is very much worth it for the chic bar which has been host to famous personalities from Salvador Dali to Marilyn Monroe and has been location to number of Hollywood movies.

Left: Veuve Cliquot Champagne 
Right: Astor Midnight - Stoli Blueberi, Lavender Syrup, Blackberry Purée, 
Limoncello, Roederer Estate Brut Sparkling

The Bar is home to the "Old King Cole" mural which was painted in 1906. The piece has had a few stops throughout the city until 1932 and where it still hangs today. In the painting lies a mythical secret that apparently only the bar tenders know about. Enjoy a few cocktails and try to decipher it out yourself. Fun fact, 83 years ago the Bloody Mary cocktail was invented here by bar tender Fernand Petiot.  For more history on the King Cole Bar visit their website here. Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoyed my Dined There, Sipped That at Aureole and King Cole Bar.

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